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Wire Mesh Industry

wire mesh


Labor costs were increasing for the warehousing, cutting and shipping processes because of lack of workplace organization.


  • Identify and quickly correct sources of non-value added time.

  • Train employees, implement and sustain Lean/5-S principals.


  • Provided Lean Introductory Training to all employees.

  • Charter and Train a 5-S implementation Team.

  • Implement S1 Sort.

  • Implement S2 Set in Order.

  • Implement S3 Shine.

  • Implement S4 Standardize.

  • Implement S5 Sustain.

  • Present 5S results and recommendations to management.

Lean Techniques Taught and Utilized:

  • Lean Introduction (the eight wastes)

  • 5-S Workplace Organization

Results Realized:

  • Increased Capacity

  • Reduced labor costs

  • Safer work environment

  • Tour ready every day

  • Improved employee morale


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