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Integrate, Align and Measure

A lean organization understands customer value and focuses its key processes to continuously increase it. We can help drive organizational alignment, metrics, and improvements. 


Policy Deployment is a process for focusing a company's resources on the few, key objectives that improve execution and drive growth. Policy deployment is an integral part of any organizations lean transformation. It engages senior management leadership in a process to develop, align and measure key objectives across the organization. 


(Lean) Daily Management System enables proactive and predictive operations control at the place where work is performed. Make problems visible, track issues and non-compliances solve issues as a team. The (Lean) Daily Management System is a connected system that aligns your shop floor with your business focusing on Safety, Quality, Cost, Delivery and Control.

The following services are offered for consulting or training:​

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Policy Deployment / Hoshin Kanri / Lean Six Transformation Roadmap 

Hoshin-Kanri/Policy Deployment integrates KPI’s and strategic objectives and disseminates them down to the team level enabling frontline ownership. It quickly proceeds to align/articulate the business objectives with the team leads then to the frontline employees. Each area can be broken out to quickly align their departmental and functionally cascade metrics/objectives.

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Lean Daily Management

Lean Daily Management (LDM) is a system that allows you to deliver customer value through proper support and leadership to those who are closest to the process. Some of the Lean Daily management elements which are commonly used are Leader Standard Work, visual control boards, and daily Gemba (go-see) walks.

Lean Six Black Belt

A Black Belt has expert knowledge and skills related to the DMAIC methodology. This workshop is a comprehensive training covering everything within the Lean Six Sigma D-M-A-I-C body of knowledge required to successfully prepare to achieve Black Belt certifications and performance standards. This will enable you to achieve, sustain and maximize business success.

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Lean Steering Team

The Lean Enterprise Steering Team is responsible to provide support in measuring, training, planning, funding, staffing and prioritizing continuous process improvement events. The steering team consists of inter-departmental top managers who understand the business goals and are committed to the Lean Journey.

Value Stream Management

This workshop will teach you an exciting eight-step method for creating and applying a systematic process for the implementation of lean. You will actually be able to train lean teams in the process and begin using it immediately. Plus, you will see how leading American manufacturing facilities have accomplished their lean transformation. 

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Lean Leader, Facilitator, Coach

This workshop empowers leaders with the tools to facilitate ongoing process improvements. Leaders need to coach and train their employees how to identify and eliminate unnecessary costs.

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Creating a Continuous Improvement Culture

A continuous improvement culture is a shared value system that promotes the belief that what is good enough today is not good enough for tomorrow. Cultures do not change overnight. It takes time, patience, strong communication skills, and most importantly, trust between managers and their teams.

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