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Go-Lean-Six Core Values


With our customers, our partners, and professional consultants at our core, we live these values:​


Diligence is defined as “careful and persistent work or effort.” You can’t expect to please

your customers and colleagues if you don’t put in the effort. You have to be consistent.

You must show up every day and do what’s needed whether you feel like it or not.


Always tell the truth and be committed to upholding strong moral and ethical values. We

want to make it easy for our customers to trust us. When you have integrity, you’re

willing to tell the truth, make sacrifices and stick to ethical and moral principles even

when doing so would cost you. Always conduct yourself in a way that your friends and

family can be proud of you.


Continuous learning and constant improvement mean doing better year over year.

Always seeking to improve ourselves and the business. Seeking both

personal and professional growth in all areas of life.


We have a commitment to quality and excellence; doing the best we can at all times.

This means, going above and beyond to exceed expectations. For this, we need to cultivate 

strong and communicative leadership, to value relationships with family, friends, and

organizations outside of work.


Patience and perseverance are two of the most overlooked values in business. We have

been sold a lie that results must come quickly, and when they don’t come, we quit and

move on to something more promising. When you have patience, you’re willing to

persevere because you know that lasting success takes time and effort.


Self-control is the ability to think before acting. To stop yourself from making impulsive

decisions. Discipline and self-control are at the center of our values in business because

you can’t adopt or demonstrate any other value if you lack self-discipline.

Self-restraint will stop you from ruining relationships with your customers, investors, and colleagues.


The value of “respect” means you’ll treat everyone fairly and with respect. You accept

that all men are created equal and deserve respect. That you’ll appreciate your

customers and be kind, serving them with humility, and a willingness to help them with

their problems. You listen to your customers and employees and appreciate their

contribution to your business. You don’t take them for granted or treat them as inferior.

Our desire is to always have a healthy, collaborative, and empowering culture.

Courage and respect go hand in hand. We need the courage to execute our business values

without fear or compromise. We need to be bold and stick to our values even in the face

of resistance. And we must remain honest with ourselves when we stray from our values,

having the courage to face ourselves with renewed integrity. 


Utilizing Lean and Six Sigma, Go-Lean-Six is dedicated to eliminating process waste which helps lower costs, reduces energy use, reduces the use of raw materials, lowers scrap and packaging - both of which reduce the need for landfills, reduced transportation results in less pollution. Lean also grows and utilizes everyone’s skills from the front-line worker to the CEO. Go-Lean-Six contributes to the world by developing Lean Six problem solvers who tenaciously reduce waste benefitting the welfare of our world! 

We'd love to hear from you! 

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