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Food Industry

bowl of vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup


The projected weekly customer demand for finished goods was 25% greater than the plant's current 24-7 capacity. The client had three months to create the extra capacity for the upcoming peak period.


  • Identify and quickly correct bottleneck processes so that the plant can meet/exceed customer demand.

  • Increase total plant capacity by 50% without adding any brick and mortar or additional staffing.

  • Reduce overtime and related expenses by eliminating the need to run the plant on Sundays.


  • Charter and Train a Lean Steering Team.

  • Map and Measure the Value Stream.

  • Create Customer Focused KPIs.

  • Identify the bottleneck processes. - The mixing processes were supplying product faster than the packaging and shipping departments could process them.

  • Redesign the bottleneck departments. - Charter and train two Lean Transformation Teams:

    • Packaging Process Improvement Team

    • Shipping Finishing Process Improvement Team

Lean Techniques Taught and Utilized:

  • Value Stream Mapping

  • 5-S Workplace Organization

  • Quick Changeover

  • Lean Office

  • Root Cause Analysis and Corrective Action Plan

  • Total Productive Maintenance

Results Realized:

  • Increased Capacity > 50%. (From 107,000 Daily Rate to 166,000 Daily Rate).

  • Eliminated Sunday overtime and related costs.

  • Reduced product costs

  • Increased Sales potential > 20%

  • Improved employee morale


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