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Adhesives Industry

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A traditional push manufacturing system is causing excess raw materials and work in process inventories. Therefore costs are high, lead times are long and customer deliveries are not always on time.


  • Identify and quickly correct sources of non-value added time.

  • Design out bottleneck processes.

  • Create a pull system that replenishes inventory on customer demand.

  • Increase capacity without increased staffing.


  • Map and Measure the Current State Value Stream.

  • Identify the bottleneck processes. - The production processes could make product faster than finishing and shipping.

  • Map Future State Value Stream and Transition Plan.

  • Charter and train three Lean Transformation Teams: - Kanban Implementation Team - Production Process Improvement Team - Finishing and Shipping Process Improvement Team

Lean Techniques Taught and Utilized:

  • Value Stream Mapping

  • Kanban Pull Replenishment System

  • 5-S Workplace Organization

  • Cellular Manufacturing

  • Quick Changeover

Results Realized:

  • Increased Capacity > 10%

  • Increased On Time Delivery to > 95%

  • Reduced Waste

  • Improved Lead Time

  • Reduced product costs

  • Reduced Raw and Work in Process Inventories

  • Improved employee morale


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