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Lean Six Belt Programs

On-site, Virtual or Off-site

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Lean-Six 5 Day Yellow, 10 Day Green, 15 Day Black Belt

& Master Black Belt Certificate Bootcamps

Dramatically jumpstart your Lean Journey, sustain the gains, develop internal leaders, facilitators and coaches.

The Lean Six Belt Boot Camp is upto 120 hours of experienced, in-person and interactive training. Become a leader in facilitating Lean in your organization and building your career path in continuous process improvement skills. Change and continuous improvement is a process. It begins with having the necessary skills, tools and techniques to lead a team through a project and to actively and professionally participate in continuous improvement. The Lean Six Belt classes will provide the tools, skills and techniques needed to assist you in becoming a leader in facilitating Lean and continuous improvement.


Become a change agent for a continuous improvement culture with this comprehensive and IMPACTFUL Belt Bootcamp curriculum:

  • Introduction to Lean Principles, Strategies and Techniques (8 Wastes) 

  • Kaizen Events (Plan, Conduct & Follow-up) 

  • 6S Workplace Organization Kaizen 

  • Root Cause & Corrective Action (8D)

  • Lean Daily Management (SQDC) 

  • Six Sigma - DMAIC (Define–Measure–Analyze–Improve–Control) 

  • Kanban Pull Systems (PFEP) 

  • Continuous Flow (Cellular Layouts) 

  • Quick Changeover (SMED) 

  • Total Preventive Maintenance (TPM)

  • Lean Leader / Facilitator / Coach (LFC)

  • The Eight Steps of Value Stream Management (VSM)

  • Six Sigma – Statistical Process Control (SPC)

  • Creating a Continuous Improvement Culture (Kata)

  • Lean-Six Transformation / Leading the Lean-Six Journey Policy Deployment / Hoshin Kanri

This training is designed for Executives, Managers, Supervisors, Engineers, and Lean Six OpX Practitioners and CI Facilitators.   

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yellow karate belt
Lean Six Yellow Belt

A Yellow Belt is trained in the general Lean Six Sigma DMAIC concepts and basic tools. This Lean Six Sigma is comprehensive curriculum covering everything within the Lean Six Sigma D-M-A-I-C body of knowledge required to successfully prepare students to achieve Yellow Belt certifications and performance standards. We teach theory, supplemented with real-world workable examples in every section with Kaizen events so you can immediately apply what you have learned to your work environment. 

Lean Six Master Black Belt 

A Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt is an expert in the entire Lean Six Body of Knowledge which is demonstrated through the execution of a Lean Six DMAIC Project. The Master Black Belt program prepares you to better lead data-driven complex projects and problem-solving utilizing the statistical tools of Six Sigma leading to process excellence. As a Lean Six Master Black Belt, you will be trained to use a professional set of data analysis tools to help your team uncover and understand the root causes of the process performance leading to improvements.

green karate belt
Lean Six Green Belt

A Green Belt has strong knowledge and skills related to DMAIC methodology and Lean methods, they have graduated from Yellow Belt but typically don’t have experience and advanced statistical tools such as design of experiments that a Black Belt will have. Green Belts may lead simple projects under the guidance of a Black Belt or may work as a team member on a large project team.

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Lean Bootcamps

The entire program is tailored to help businesses reduce the cost of safely delivering, quality products and services on time. This practical training, filled with real-world examples and exercises, is aimed at generating results. Participants will be able to use their new knowledge and skills immediately to make processes flow simpler, faster, better, and less costly. They will build their lean toolkits by way of a real-world kaizen project. The boot camp is perfect for people who work in manufacturing or office environments.

black karate belt
Lean Six Black Belt

A Black Belt has expert knowledge and skills related to the DMAIC methodology. This workshop is a comprehensive training covering everything within the Lean Six Sigma D-M-A-I-C body of knowledge required to successfully prepare to achieve Black Belt certifications and performance standards. This will enable you to achieve, sustain and maximize business success.

four healthcare professionals looking at a white board
Healthcare Belt Training

Lean principles, strategies and techniques work well in hospitals, insurance companies, and other healthcare facilities. It is excellent for VPs, Department Directors, Managers, RNs, Technologists, Therapists, Accounting, Quality Improvement Specialists and Ancillary Personnel. The course consists of intensive hands-on exercises including the completion of a real-world Lean Six project at your facility bringing immediate results. 

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