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Our free Lean Assessment is a quick process used to look at your business to eliminate nonvalue added activities for the end customer. To accomplish this objective, we use a structured approach that includes a standard assessment matrix with an experienced assessor to evaluate your targeted processes. Our goal is to provide a “snapshot” of a company’s current strengths and weaknesses to propose a potential future state and the resulting gaps. This paves the way for constructive change. Our assessments can target specific processes or include cultural environmental concerns.


Below are some examples of target assessments:


  • 6S Workplace Organization assessment

  • Safety assessment

  • Organizational structure assessment

  • Setup/Changeover assessment

  • Visual Management assessment

  • Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)

  • Continuous Flow assessment


Men in safety gear on a lift reviewing paperwork

Each of these assessments are also offered in a full thorough professional assessment.

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