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Final Processing and Shipping

white semi truck backed up into a warehouse


Customers were upset because the wrong products were being shipped to them. Final processing is very unorganized with no standardization causing products to become mixed.


  • Map out the final processing process

  • Organize and standardize the work flow utilizing “best practices”

  • Mistake proof the process flow to permanently correct the mixing of product


  • Charter a final processing lean team.

  • Provide lean training.

  • Create a current state process video.

  • Develop a current state layout.

  • Map and Measure the Current Value Stream.

  • Identify the non-value added tasks.

  • Map the future state.

  • Redesign the process utilizing the 5S principles.

  • Create a new process video.

  • Present the results to the lean steering team.

Lean Techniques Taught and Utilized:

  • Lean Manufacturing

  • Value Stream Process Mapping

  • 5-S Workplace Organization

  • Visual Factory

  • Kanban Pull Replenishment System

Results Realized:

  • Control of product

  • Tour ready every day

  • Increased Capacity

  • Increased On Time Delivery


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