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Customer Service

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The demand for orders was forecasted to increase by over 20% within three months. Pre-Production lead times were too long. Many non-value added tasks occurred in the administrative areas before the order went to the floor. The manufacturing order information was not always correct or complete.


  • Map out current customer service process and identify and quickly eliminate sources of non-value added time.

  • Organize and standardize the work flow utilizing the “best practices”.

  • Increase customer service capacity by 20% without any additional office area or staffing.


  • Charter a customer service lean team.

  • Provide lean training.

  • Create a current state process video.

  • Map and Measure the Current Value Stream.

  • Identify the non-value added tasks within the customer service processes.

  • Redesign the process utilizing the 5S principals.

Lean Techniques Taught and Utilized:

  • Lean Office

  • Value Stream mapping

  • 5-S Workplace Organization

  • Kanban Pull Replenishment System

  • Office Cell Design

Results Realized:

  • Increased Capacity > 20%

  • Increased On Time Delivery to > 95%

  • Improved Information Quality

  • Improved Administrative Lead Time

  • Prevented the need to hire more resources

  • Prevented the need for more office space


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