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RHI Magnesita, York, PA shares continuous improvement benchmarking with Go-Lean-Six Peer Group

Working through the current COVID environment has been a challenge for manufacturing. The move to virtual support organizations while operations continue to produce product is a shift for many. Driving continuous improvement at the same time is key.

RHI Magnesita, York PA has accomplished both while increasing capacity! During the Go-Lean-Six Peer Group, the RHI Team shared their accomplishments for benchmarking and learning. Included was the expansion of Obeya Rooms, the introduction of Senior level Gemba walks as well as the development of company metrics for Lean Operations Management.

RHI Magnesita had a foundation of Lean before COVID. They leveraged these projects and training to continue to build on their continuous improvement successes. This enabled them to expand for growth with little plant spread. In addition, several Kaizen projects drove additional improvements in reports, data entry and maintenance. As they look to 2021, they will continue to leverage the tools of Lean/ Six Sigma and the discipline of continuous improvement to improve their bottom line, employee morale and drive safety.

If you would like to join the Go-Lean-Six Peer Group for 2021, please contact us at The Peer Group meets monthly and includes benchmarking, roundtable discussions and training on a relevant topic by Go-Lean -Six. . Many different industries are represented.

Interested in earning a certificate in Lean- DMAIC? Go-Lean-Six is offering a bootcamp beginning February 2nd in York, PA. The workshops will be conducted weekly to earn a Yellow, Green and/or Black Belt Certificate.

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