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Lean Six Transformation Consultant

Brad Jones successfully led enterprise-wide Lean Six Sigma (LSS) deployments for the Department of Defense (DoD), earning several Shingo awards during his tenure within the military’s industrial base. Widely recognized as a leader in LSS within the DoD, Brad has in-depth experience in deploying continuous process improvement tools and practices in re-manufacturing, manufacturing, and administrative functions to achieve record savings. He coached and mentored all levels of leaders, line managers, and LSS belts to achieve large scale efficiencies on complex weapons systems ranging from radar to satellite terminals.

Certified in change management, Brad is known for his ability to positively influence employees and managers to adopt a new philosophy towards work and to push past status quo thinking. His focus is on leadership and the people side of LSS.  As a Director, he was also responsible for Quality Assurance and  Quality Control, to include the rigorous Aeronautical quality standard (AS). He developed in-house leadership development training that taught line managers to become leadership instructors.

Brad brings direct experience in cultural transformation, organizational development, Lean Daily Management Systems, visual management, standard work for leaders and employees, value stream management, cross-functional kaizen events, strategy deployment, and lean metrics.  Brad believes that successful LSS deployments are built on successful change management principles and leadership more than tools and techniques.

Brad has taught college courses in quality management with a strong emphasis on LSS, including Process Capability and Statistical Process Control.  Within the private sector, he has also taught courses on leadership, change management, influence/persuasion, and assertiveness.

Brad Jones
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