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We are a world-class consulting firm that can offer and quickly deliver custom solutions to meet your consulting and training needs. We are committed to job creation and industry growth and understand the challenges of meeting budgets, balancing schedules, and creating open space to drive improvements. We deliver immediate results and solutions, not just "training."

We offer solutions for all industries including:

Healthcare | Manufacturing | Government | Chemical Processing | Aerospace | Build to Print | Design Build | Plastics Industry | Printing | Food Manufacturing | Low Volume/High Mix

Karate Black Belt

Live Virtual or Onsite Lean Six Certificate Training Programs

Lean/DMAIC Yellow, Green or Black Belt Certificate Programs as well as other Certificate Training Solutions.

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Benchmarking Opportunities

Join our Go-Lean Peer Group to benchmark industries, discuss lessons learned in continuous improvement and tour other companies.

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Lean Six
Hands-on Workshops

Proven, real-life, hands-on Training Solutions, flexible to your needs yet built on the foundations of proven curriculum, tools and methods. 

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Consulting - Expert Advice & Guidance

Maximize your business performance and do more with less by leveraging the experience of our team.

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Strategic Leadership Consulting

Improve the performance of your team and make it more productive, integrated and aligned.

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Process Improvement Solutions

Let our experienced team help your team drive immediate improvements through Kaizen Events. Through our hands-on workshop, we train and deliver results at the same time!

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Go-Lean-Six is a Team of professionals with expertise in Lean and Six-Sigma principles and practices. We put that knowledge to work during the Lean-Six consulting and training to be sure you have a great start to Lean or to take your organization to the next level in your Lean journey. We strive for our team to meet and exceed your expectations. Whether we are consulting or training your team, you will be very pleased with the measurable results.

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  "This training was very important to me personally. A focus on “a place for everything, everything in its place” has become an important saying of mine. I look forward to helping my employer with the tools that I have learned. Using value stream maps, SIPOC’s, and asking the 5 Whys has already benefited to help me to see waste and work to improve processes here.

My goal is to focus on improving every process that I am involved with daily. Growing and improving is something that can never stop in the 21st century if a company wants to be successful. I look forward to helping to drive change and process improvements. The classes and material were great! The examples and class activities were very informative and helped me grasp the material."

     -  Production Planning & Logistics Manager, Commercial Refrigeration 

'"I am very pleased with this leadership training as it will carry with me throughout my career,

I'm sure of it. The trainer was very knowledgeable and made sure each of us understood the subject matter before continuing on. I highly recommend this training for anyone looking to step into a managerial role with any company."         

     - Front Line Supervisor, Converting

"The instructor was very knowledgeable on all the material. He made it easy to grasp the information.  Usually, training classes are dry and boring, this was not. 

He kept the whole class engaged, and interacted with everyone during all of the classes, and he was energetic and enthusiastic.  With every class, I was able to take what was taught and put it to practical use in our plant. We had specific questions on issues in our plant and the instructor was able to give us sound advice with practical solutions to solve/answer the questions we had.  We took that back and were able to apply those solutions – and they worked!  It was so helpful!  As a team, we have improved our communication and that has made a huge positive impact.  Any time I could recommend this training, I would do so without hesitation.  It applies in so many areas, it doesn’t even matter what the industry is, from large factories to small mom & pop shops – I recommend it to anyone."

     - Logistics Manager, Paper Manufacturer 

"I really enjoyed the Lean Six Blackbelt class. The instructor was funny and very interactive. He kept you engaged throughout the class, even when it was a challenging topic. I learned a lot and it has already helped me in my career. It has shown at work, with just two of my projects I saved an estimated $400,000 a year. The class was amazing and I would recommend it for anyone looking to advance their career."

     - Operations Manager, Lumber Products Manufacturer 

"When I initially started the class I didn't realize how it could be beneficial even in the world of Human Resources. The Lean Six Black Belt course is a time commitment but it was well worth it. I learned so much. The learning material and the pace of the class was great for me. I really appreciate Go-Lean-Six for facilitating this opportunity to manufacturers! I highly recommend anyone thinking of taking the class to do so!"

     - Senior Human Resources Generalist


"The Lean Six Blackbelt Course was helpful to me and to my company. It teaches a lot that should be common sense but for whatever reason we don’t do it. I’m finding it useful. Thanks… for taking the time to teach us the course, I am glad I took it and look forward to applying the lessons throughout the rest of my career."

     - Manufacturing Engineer, Medical Device Industry



"I am excited to continue using my new skillset to continue pushing my plant towards a more efficient operation.  We have a long way to go but we are headed in the right direction."

     - Operation Manager, Sustainable Forestry Products Manufacturer




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