Examples of Quick Return On Investmant During Lean Six Training Workshops

1) A simple change in the production line that had been overlooked for many years prior to Lean training, along with a small investment, gave our client enough time savings to reallocate one quality control person. The ROI was less than one month. The time savings alone was enough to reallocate one Q.C. person but also safety and quality will be improved through this change.

2) During an Introduction To Lean Workshop, a production team reorganized the restocking/counting position so that the tools needed for the job are now on a mobile cart. With a $300 investment, they eliminated the need for a second person in this position saving 50% of the cost of restocking/counting.

3) During an Introduction To Lean Workshop, after learning the eight wastes, we sent assembly workers out to their workstations to look for possible savings by implementing the eight wastes in their work area. One person came back with a simple low-cost change that saves him 30 minutes each day. With a $430 investment in a chemical safe storage cabinet, they saved over $8,000 each year. An ROI of less than three weeks. 

4) In an overflowing laboratory, during a 5S Lean Workshop where we led the chemists through: Sort, Set-In-Order, Shine, Standardize and Sustain, the team realized a savings of 40% in area utilized, allowing them to bring on four more chemists without adding onto the lab.

5) In an aerospace manufacturing shop, after leading all employees through the Intro to Lean course, they more clearly saw the waste in one of the processes being completed outside of that shop. They eliminated wasted space in inventory giving them room to bring the process back into the shop. Doing so not only eliminated the big headache of them having to wait on parts but saved the company time, money, transportation of product, motion of people and eliminated the chance of damaged and lost parts. All of this helped them more consistently deliver a high quality product on time at a lower cost.

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