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Executive Mentor &
Lean Practioner 

Manufacturing Executive

Marty possesses more than 35 years of progressive experience in Manufacturing Operations. His professional history includes positions such as Vice President of Manufacturing at R.H. Sheppard Co., Inc., Lean Manufacturing Manager at BAE Systems, as well as General Manager at Vought Aircraft Industries. Marty is an active Board Member of the Manufacturers’ Association of South Central Pennsylvania.


Marty is known as a visionary leader and a hands-on change agent. Marty’s passion is developing manufacturing leaders and environments based on lean (Toyota Production System) principles in a transparent, integrity-based culture, delivering bottom-line results using the tools and processes to reach operational excellence.


Marty’s toolbox includes the use of Business Plan Deployment to set direction, standardized work, Kanban, built-in-quality, visual management, and continuous improvement. The continuous improvement culture is not just based on kaizen events, but the ideas generated every day by all members of the greater team.


Marty was the Guest speaker at the 57th Advanced Manufacturing Forum sponsored by the Center for the Management of Technology and Organizational Change at Pennsylvania State University.


Many of Marty’s accomplishments are published in two best-selling books authored by Bill Carreira: Lean Manufacturing that Works / Lean Six Sigma that Works

Marty Paino
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