Go-Virtual Consulting in Any of These Areas

Go-Virtual - Coaching and Consulting

Schedule an online meeting with Go-Lean-Six’s skilled consultants to discuss your current state and to help coach and facilitate a plan towards your new future state. Our services include everything from a basic Lean assessment to coaching teams through a full-scale major continuous improvement kaizen. These services can be started online and completed either online or in-person when our country returns back to normal.  But planning is the first step, and planning begins with a vision for the new future for all of us. We can help envision that future with a more efficient, effective and safe environment using the principles of Lean/ Six Sigma tools and methods.

To support clients during these challenging times while maintaining high-quality service, we are providing online Virtual Interactive Workshops.  While not every service can be accomplished virtually, our virtual Lean consulting services provide a flexible approach to lean transformation.

Contact us to set up a meeting with your team at your convenience.  We can describe the process and utilize the team to gather data, analyze the data, and provide/present an assessment report.

​Our model for Lean Transformation is proven!  While we coach and train, we facilitate culture change and develop our clients' internal competencies. Our goal is not to make our clients fully dependent on us. Instead, we build our clients' capability by creating a daily Lean management and kaizen system that will self-sustain. We teach each person on your team to utilize the principles of  Lean in every aspect of their daily job. 

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