Go-Virtual - Lean 6S Workplace Organization

(5S + Safety)

Interactive Facilitator Led Workshop 

Learn the Lean 6S methodology to organize your workplace.

Designed for office or manufacturing. No experience necessary!

Online and Interactive – 6S builds the foundation for Lean methods and principles.

  • Virtual Lean 6S Training and Facilitation Workshop.

  • This is an Interactive Facilitator led Workshop for anyone wanting to learn the Lean 6S methodology and organize your workplace.

  • This is a 24-hour workshop with a cadence of 4 hours once a week for 6 consecutive weeks.

  • Each Team or participant will use a 6S project to apply what they learn during the workshop.

  • A qualified Lean-Six facilitator will walk the participants “step by step” through an actual 6S Event.

  • This training will include a review of Lean Thinking and the Eight Wastes. 

  • Together we will learn and practice all of the six steps of 6S Workplace Organization

    • Safety

    • Sort

    • Set in Order

    • Shine

    • Standardize

    • Sustain

  • We will wrap up with each Team or Practitioner presenting their 6s results using a PowerPoint.

  • Each will present their results sharing images and explanations of each step and comparing before pictures to the new current state pictures and how you will sustain the gains.

Monday, May 18, 2020, is the next scheduled start date.

Time:10:00 am - 2:30 pm with a 1/2 hour lunch break. 

 The class will run for 6 consecutive Mondays. 

Cost: $895 per person for this 24-hour Kaizen workshop.

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